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Donations of any kind are very much needed and appreciated.

The Ela Coalition Against Youth Substance Abuse is a grass-roots community-based organization focused on reducing underage drinking and substance use and abuse within our community. Your donations (monetary, time, services, etc.) aid us in advancing our efforts in substance abuse prevention among our youth.


Since the Ela Coalition is 100% volunteer-driven, any financial support from generous individuals, corporations, and foundations goes directly towards helping us develop and deliver youth-based education, intervention, and prevention initiatives as well as activities to foster healthy decision-making skills.

There are many ways to donate besides money. You could donate your time, supplies, printing and other services, and venues for seminars or simply support us by attending a fundraising event. Check our calendar for upcoming fundraising dates and times.

The Ela Coalition sincerely appreciates donations of any size or kind. We believe that by working together, we can build a healthier and safer community for our youth.

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